2022 Southern Worker Webinar Series

The Communiversity is proud to partner with Southern Workers Assembly and Black Workers for Justice to organize “Southern Workers Webinar Series”. This webinar series will explore and discuss the nine points of the Southern Workers Power Program.

The series begins on Monday, September 5, at 7pm eastern and will continue every following Monday. Register to participate here

This series of nine webinars will explore SWA’s Worker’s Power Program, centering the role and demands of workers as we speed toward the 2022 election cycle.

The primary objective of this series of programs is to explore SWA’s Worker’s Power Program as a viable platform for workers in the South to collectively build and consolidate worker’s power. As well as learn more about current and key sites of organizing across the South.

We will explore actions taken and their results; the historical context and connection of workers struggle to the Black liberation movement; ways to build strong political education on the key issues outlined in the nine-point program; and how it can aid in organizing and building a movement of workers to wage struggle against the accelerated destructive forces of capitalism.

We invite you to join us every Monday from September 5 to October 31, 7pm – 8pm EST. Please note your registration will automatically register you for all nine webinars.

We look forward to connecting and engaging with each of you to build worker power in the South!

Forward ever, backward never! Organize the South!

Black Workers for Justice Celebrate 40th Birthday

On May 2022, Black Workers for Justice celebrated their 40th Birthday. The BWFJ is an organization of Black workers formed in December of 1982 out of a struggle led by Black women workers at a K-mart store in Rocky Mount, North Carolina against race and gender discrimination. Since then, BWFJ has emerged as a leading organization in North Carolina to advance Black Liberation and worker rights. In the last 40 years, members of Black Workers for Justice have been involved in important campaigns including justice of Hamlett Poultry Plant workers, launch of NC Public Workers Union (UE 150), establishing North Carolina Environmental Justice Network (NCEJN), launch Fertile Ground Food Co-Op in Raleigh, establishing Southern Workers Assembly in the US South, and other organizations and movements. Black Workers for Justice has also made connections between local to global liberation movements, including solidarity with Cuba, Palestine, Venezuela, and other international campaigns.

The highlights of 40 years of movement building were shared during a celebration event in Raleigh, North Carolina. These included social justice songs, spoken word, homage (présenté) to fallen heroes, and keynote speeches by Samira Addrey (Physician Activist and IFCO/Pastors for Peace Organizer) and Abdul Alkalimat (Veteran Scholar Activist and Author). The event ended with rejuvenation and commitment for 40 more years of advancing Black Liberation and worker rights movements.

Communiversity launches a Website!

Communiversity is excited to launch our organization’s website – TheCommuniversitySouth.org. We are an educational institution archiving and uplifting the Black Liberation Movement in the US South and make connections to the Global South. Our website allows you to view our Mission, History, Projects and Partners. We will also update calendar of upcoming events. This website will include a blog where we will highlight the work of Communiversity. This website will also include a “Donate” option to make a one-time or recurring donation to Communiversity. Contact us to learn more!

The Communiversity South

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