The Communiversity builds on the history of organizing and popular education within the Black liberation and labor movements in the U.S. South, particularly by Black Workers For Justice, primarily, but not exclusively in eastern North Carolina. Through the experiences of workers’ fights at the workplace and in, many rural, eastern NC communities, for power, have come rich material and lessons to contribute to the rest of the world. Our methods and content come from summing up workers’ schools, assemblies, retreats, planning, strategy and debriefing sessions as well as the experiences of other organizations organizing in the South and the world. Before The Communiversity were the International Workers Schools, and the Institute of Black Political Studies
BWFJ leader Ashaki Binta leading a “Workers Want Fairness” march with other BWFJ members and supporters.

BWFJ Women’s Commission hosting an event at BWFJ’s Workers Center in Rocky Mount in the 1990s.

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